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Status and Service Updates

Open OnDemand issues resolved: Wed, 11/22

The launching issues with remote desktop and Matlab in OOD have been resolved.

Update on Savio: Tues, 11/21

We have completed the Slurm upgrade and restored the scratch parallel file system. The scheduler reservation has been removed, and jobs have started running. Other HPC services like Open OnDemand and Globus are also back online. However, remote desktop and Matlab within Open OnDemand have launching issues. We are looking into this.

Update on Savio: Mon, 11/20

We upgraded Slurm and are working on a few configuration issues for completion. On the Scratch file system, our system engineers are working on solutions with the DDN team. We estimate that we will need another day to get the scratch file system back online.

No office hours on Wed, 11/22 + Thurs, 11/23

Research IT will not be holding office hours on Wed, 11/22 + Thurs, 11/23 due to the holiday break! Please get in touch with us at with any questions.

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