Research Data Management Program


The UC Berkeley Research Data Management (RDM) Program is a campus-wide program led jointly by Research IT and the Library to help faculty, staff, and students manage research data throughout the research process. With our partners across campus, we offer a discipline-agnostic service that supports researchers in working with their data. The RDM Program also addresses current and emerging data management issues, compliance with policy requirements imposed by funders and by the University, and reduction of risk associated with the challenges of data stewardship.

The RDM Program supports researchers by consulting, delivering training/workshops, and developing documentation in the areas of: 

  • Data collection -- advise researchers on tools/systems for data collection available at UC Berkeley in particular REDCap at UC Berkeley

  • Data management planning -- help researchers create, review, and share data management plans to ensure they meet institutional, funder, and publisher requirements.

  • Active data management -- advise researchers on data management during active research (as opposed to the sharing phase when the data is complete). Includes providing guidance and recommendations on transfer, storage, workflow (analysis pipelines, lab workflows, etc.), organization, and backup.

  • Data classification & security --advise researchers on the data classification level of their research data and associated (campus) systems and tools that support determined data classification level.

    • Data use agreements -- review data use agreements (DUAs) for data security requirements and assist researchers with identifying appropriately secure processes/systems to use to comply with requirements of DUAs.

  • Data sharing -- develop workflows for data sharing throughout research as well as post research.

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