Cloud Meetup: Optimizing Qualitative Research in Public Health

January 26, 2023

Thursday, 1/26 
1-2pm via Zoom 

Presenter: Wan Nurul Naszeerah, Domain Consultant at Research IT & Doctor of Public Health Student at UC Berkeley

Description: Amazon Web Services (AWS) is a cloud platform which offers over 200 fully featured services. Although AWS or similar platforms have been widely adopted for computational scientific research, their usage is still limited in public health research, which often relies on large amount of qualitative data in the form of audio, video, and texts. In this presentation, Wan will introduce AWS as a potential cost-effective solution for researchers in the fields of public health and social sciences. As this will be an introductory session, it is suitable for audience without background in cloud computing.

1:00PM - Welcome / announcements / poll (10 min)
1:15PM - Presentation & Q&A on Optimizing Qualitative Research in Public Health and Social Sciences with AWS (Wan Nurul Naszeerah)
2:00PM "Doors" close