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Status and Service Updates

MyBRC back online: Thurs, 9/20

MyBRC is back online. We had a hardware failure which also caused slow responsiveness of SLURM. We will modify config file/code to alleviate the impact on slurm, should this happen again.

MyBRC portal offline: Tues, 9/20

We are aware that mybrc is offline as of last night and are actively working to bring it back online again. Thank you for your patience.

Intermittent login failures resolved: Tues, 8/30

One of the login nodes was blocked on 8/17 by the Berkeley Lab security team which caused user login failures. Login is now restored and we are taking necessary actions to prevent similar triggers from happening again.

Savio job emails working again: Wed, 8/10

Savio job emails should be working again. Please contact us if you are still having any issues with this.

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