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Status and Service Updates

Savio Lustre File System Returned to Service: Fri, 3/1

The Savio Lustre Parallel File system has been returned to service, which means that the Savio Scratch file system is accessible once again.

Savio Lustre File System is Down: Wed, 2/28

The Lustre Parallel File system (e.g., Savio scratch file system) is down, which might be caused by problems related to cabling. The investigation is already underway. We will let you know of any progress we make. A reservation is in place to prevent any new jobs from starting. We appreciate your patience.

Savio Downtime Postponed: Fri, 2/16

We are going to postpone the Savio downtime that was scheduled for Feb 20. With the two back-to-back unplanned power outages on campus, the data center has shifted its focus to installing new UPS systems in the data center. Once the future downtime date is determined, we will send out a notification with a sufficient amount of time for you to prepare.

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