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Status and Service Updates

Savio back online: Mon, 9/20, 10:15am

We have resolved the issue on the scratch parallel file system. The work is complete and jobs have started running on Savio. Thank you for your patience.

Savio scheduled downtime: Mon, 9/20, 8am

A small number of users on the new scratch file system have been impacted by a file system bug that prevents the creation of new files. We plan to have a four hour downtime to resolve this issue.

Savio scheduled downtime: Fri, 8/27, 9-11am

In order to make a minor change to the current structure of the /global/scratch file system, we are scheduling a brief downtime to relocate all user directories from /global/scratch/[username] to /global/scratch/users/[username].

Savio scheduled downtime: Tues, 7/20, 9am

We need to stop scheduling new SLURM jobs for a short period of time to migrate backend database and implement support for allocation management inside the new MyBRC user portal. The jobs will resume running when we complete the scheduled work.

Savio back online: Tues, 4/20, 3:30pm

The Savio cluster is back online as planned, and jobs have started running. Please contact us via email or at our drop in office hours if you have any questions.

Savio scheduled downtime: Tues, 4/20, 9am

There is a planned downtime starting at 9am until the end of the day on Tuesday, April 20, 2021 to prepare space for the new global scratch parallel filesystem.

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