High Performance Computing

Fengchen Liu

Fengchen just joined the group as a Science IT Consultant. Prior to joining the Lab, he worked at a Fintech company as a senior AI Engineer, at RMS (Risk Management Solutions) as a Software Engineer, and at UC San Francisco for 7 years on computational epidemiology using HPC. His research background (researchgate.net/profile/fengchen_liu) includes predictive models of infectious diseases and control of epidemic disease...

John White

John White is an HPC Systems Engineer specializing in storage systems. He works with customers from day one of cluster design through implementation, maintenance, and eventual retirement. Most of his career has involved design and implementation of parallel file systems, but his work touches almost every aspect of HPC work within the SCG.

Karen Fernsler

Karen Fernsler is a HPC Systems Engineer who builds and maintains HPC LInux clusters at the Lab and on the UC Berkeley campus for the Berkeley Research Computing program. In addition to being the group’s Globus expert, she also supports Linux in various flavors for servers and workstations for the ALS and Molecular Foundry national user facilities.

Tin Ho

Tin works on both the system and application support level for both the Berkeley Research Computing and LBL Scientific Computing group. Tin has interest in Bioinformatics, Drug Discovery and Geographic Information System.

Chris Paciorek

Chris Paciorek is a statistical computing consultant and adjunct professor in the Department of Statistics. He also serves part-time as a user consultant for Berkeley Research Computing.

Areas of expertise: high-performance computing, cloud computing, and programming for data analysis/data science/statistics.

In his research, Chris works on statistical methods, often Bayesian methods, applied to environmental and public health problems, including climate science, ecology, and global health. In recent years, he has taught graduate classes on statistical computing and

Ken Lutz

Director of Research IT

Wei Feinstein

Wei Feinstein joined the HPCS team in 2018. As a user support, she has the passion of providing cutting-edge HPC technologies and services to the scientific research communities at LBNL and UC Berkeley. Prior to the Lab, she was a HPC consultant at LSU, where she assisted faculty, researchers and students from a wide range of scientific disciplines to optimize their simulation workflows, and port codes to computational accelerators, such as Intel Xeon Phi and Nvidia GPU.

Wei has a research background in computational biology and...

Mark Yashar

Research IT / BRC Domain Consultant and HPC User Support; Research Specialist at UCB CITRIS

Clint Hamilton

Clint Hamilton is a Domain Consultant with Berkeley Research Computing and a PhD student in Finance at the Haas School of Business. His research focuses on behavioral finance. Additionally, he is interested in big data and high performance computing.

Christopher Hann-Soden

Christopher is a PhD bioinformatician specializing in genomics and computational biology. He provides support for HPC systems and cloud computing as a consultant with Berkeley Research Computing, and provides services for genomics experiments and data analysis as the Director for Informatics at QB3 Genomics.