Research Data Management Service

Research IT has partnered with the Library to develop Research Data Management (RDM) services for the UC Berkeley campus. These services address current and emerging data management issues, compliance with policy requirements imposed by funders and by the University, and reduction of risk associated with the challenges of data stewardship.

RDM Consulting has developed an expertise in research data storage options and methods -- more specificially, storage needed during the active phase of research. To help researchers get started, RDM has created a online Active Research Data Storage Guidance Grid that describes storage options available at UCB, through the UC System and from private companies. Please contact RDM Consulting to learn more about how to understand your storage needs through the lifecycle of your research.

Active Research Data Storage Guidance Grid detail

Among these storage options, Box has emerged as a valuable tool for researchers. RDM offers detailed guidance on the use of Box for research, including options for transport of data to and from Box using different tools (BoxSync, FTPS and WebDAV), managing access with granular permissions in Box, and use of Box with a Calnet Special Purpose Account.

RDM can also help you draft a Data Management Plan (DMP). The Department of Energy, National Institutes of Health, the National Science Foundation and other grant-funding agencies require the inclusion of such a plan in grant submissions. Although each data management plan will be unique, many will follow some common patterns, at least within a discipline. The structure of a data management plan is usually specified by the funding agency that requests or requires it.

Information about these and many other topics can be found in the Research Data Management Guide.