Cloud Working Group

When & Where

  • Schedule: By request "On-Demand" — or Wed 3-5pm breakout session from Machine Learning or Text Analysis WGs
    • ​Next session: 3pm-5pm Wednesdays @ D-Lab Machine Learning and Text Analysis Working Groups
  • Location: D-Lab: Convening Room (356 Barrows Hall)

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Co-hosted by BRC (Berkeley Research Computing) and D-Lab (Social Sciences Data Laboratory), the group coordinates talks and trainings focused on cloud computing services such as Amazon Web Services (AWS), Microsoft Azure, and Google Cloud Platform; as well as emerging cloud platforms on national infrastructure like XSEDE. The specific activities and topics will depend on the interests and needs of the members, including virtual machines, docker containers, high performance computing, and related topics.

The group is open to people of all skill levels and the activities in subgroups will accommodate interests from Absolute Beginner to Seasoned Pro. Mentors and consultants who have experience with cloud computing will be available during the sessions to work with members of the group.

This semester we are offering three tracks to help focus on the right content for the right audience:

TRACK 1: Cloud-based Workflows for Research, Teaching, and Training 

                          - Audience: Researchers and Instructors
                          - Partners: Social Sciences D-Lab and The Library

TRACK 2: Research Computing & Data Architecture + Advanced CyberInfrastructure

                          - Audience: Research IT staff, Researchers who work with technology
                          - Partners: Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) and the Jupyter Project

TRACK 3: Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure

                          - Audience: General technical, IT, DevOps, and cloud nerds of all sorts
                          - Partners: UC Office of the President (UCOP) and Berkeley IST (Information Services & Technology)



Highlights from Previous years (2017 and earlier)

TRACK 1: Cloud-based Workflows for Research, Teaching, and Training

When: 4-6pm Thursday October 26th, 2017
Where: 356 Barrows Hall, D-Lab (Data Intensive Social Sciences)
Alternating Thursdays @ 4pm for the rest of the semester
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TRACK 2: Research Computing & Data Architecture + Advanced CyberInfrastructure

When & Where: next session date & time TBD @ Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS)
What: future topics may include:

  • Containers on HPC: Docker, Shifter, and Singularity
  • Data Transfers with Globus for reliable, high-speed data movement
  • Jupyter Notebooks on BRC clusters
  • JupyterHub interactive high-performance node


TRACK 3: Cloud Architecture & Infrastructure

When: Recurs every 3rd Wednesday @ 2pm
Where: remote-access via BlueJeans
What: UC-wide AWS User Group


Spring 2016 Sessions

Feb 11 Clusters in the Cloud on AWS and Azure (slides)
Feb 25 Orchestrating the AWS Cloud for your Research Workflow (slides)
Mar 10 Cloud-based Virtual Desktop Environments (ÆoD slides, AWS WorkSpaces slides)
Mar 24 Spring Break, no session
Apr 7 XSEDE overview and intro to new systems: Comet, Jetstream & Bridges (Overview, Comet, Jetstream, Bridges)
Apr 21 Cloud Data Management (slides)
May 5 WordPress on AWS