Museum Informatics

CollectionSpace for Campus Museums

Research IT deploys CollectionSpace for campus museums to manage their collections and carry out many of their other day-to-day business activities, and provides ongoing support for these systems.

Research Data Management

Research Data Management Service

Research IT has partnered with the Library to develop Research Data Management (RDM) services for the UC Berkeley campus. These services address current and emerging data management issues, compliance with policy requirements imposed by funders and by the University, and reduction of risk associated with the challenges of data stewardship.

Berkeley Research Computing

Analytics Environments on Demand

Researchers need easy access to analytic computing environments that are designed to fit their needs. BRC's Analytics Environments on-Demand (AEoD) service is designed for researchers who need to run analytic software packages (such as ArcGIS, Stata, SPSS, R Studio, etc.) on a platform that is scaled up from a standard laptop or workstation, in a Windows-based environment.

Cloud Computing Support

The Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) Cloud Computing Support program offers consulting assistance, documentation, and tools to help faculty and other campus researchers obtain access to and effectively use cloud computing resources.

High Performance Computing

The BRC High Performance Computing service offers and supports access to the Savio Institutional/Condo Cluster, providing Berkeley's campus researchers with state-of-the-art, professionally-administered computing systems and ancillary infrastructure.