Secure Research Data and Computing

Research IT is available to help faculty, students, and postdocs working with sensitive data. The combined approach of providing data management and computation support helps researchers integrate data management and curation best practices into their larger research workflows while protecting their data. E-mail us to schedule a consultation

Thank you to our partners in Information Services & Technology (IST), the Office of the Vice Chancellor for Research, the Library, and the D-Lab we accomplished a lot in 2018-2019 for the SRDC project:

  • Developed a proposal and received funding for the SRDC Platform from campus leadership, announced August 2019.
  • Expanded Research IT's Savio HPC cluster to support P2/P3 (formerly PL1) moderately sensitive data, now in production.
  • Expanded Research IT's AEoD virtual desktop research environment to support P2/P3 (formerly PL1) moderately sensitive data, now in production. 
  • Completed a pilot for two faculty to use the Sherlock cloud system at UCSD to test sensitive data in the AWS cloud.
  • Convened an IT Service Provider working group to discuss the design and architecture for the SRDC Platform.
  • Collaborated with the Industry Alliances Office (IAO) and Information Security Office (ISO) to draft a website to improve information sharing about services and processes for researchers working with sensitive data.  Website will be available this year. 

We are in the process of designing a secure environment for research. If you work with HIPAA or other highly sensitive data we'd love to hear about your requirements.  Please email  

If you have any suggestions for an appropriate name for this new secure environment please send us your ideas at

With our partners, we are focusing our efforts in three areas: tools and services, consulting and community, policy and governance:  

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