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CollectionSpace 2.5 released

CollectionSpace screenshot

The CollectionSpace team is pleased to announce the release of CollectionSpace version 2.5. This release is the culmination of the first six-months of 2012 and represents improved functionality for search, locations and movements, date handling, controlled vocabularies, and hierarchical authorities. In addition, refactoring work was completed in the user interface layer.

In the 2.5 release:

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CollectionSpace webinars announced

UC Berkeley iNews, October 20, 2009 Chris Hoffman The CollectionSpace project is hosting three webinars to introduce people to CollectionSpace, the open-source, web-based software application for the description, management, and dissemination of museum collections information. Webinar participants will get an advanced look at CollectionSpace; meet the design and development teams; learn about the software's advanced architecture, functionality, and user experience; hear about the production schedule and deployment plans; and learn how to get involved with the project.