Welcome to Berkeley Research Computing's Summer 2017 Interns

June 22, 2017

Research IT welcomes a UX/Visualization intern, a Journalism and Outreach intern, and two Coding/Database interns to the Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) team for summer 2017. Cassie Zhang, our returning UX/Visualization intern, will be implementing a “dashboard” for the Savio High Performance Compute cluster, a project continuing from spring 2017. Erica Chen, our Journalism and Outreach intern, will be developing outreach and communication materials and interviewing Berkeley researchers to craft “Researcher Profiles” that highlight the work of our users. Harrison Kuo and Sahil Hasan, our Coding/Database interns, will be working on a banking system for Savio’s Slurm HPC scheduler that integrates with Cassie’s dashboard, and will also provide direct support for Savio users.

Cassie Zhang (UX/Visualization) is a junior in Applied Mathematics with a minor in Computer Science. A member of the Data Science Society at Berkeley and UpSync, a Berkeley organization focused on marketing in tech, she hopes to work in data science after graduation. This summer, Cassie will be continuing the Savio dashboard project as well as making headway on new projects of her own.

Erica Chen (Journalism & Outreach) is a senior majoring in English and Cognitive Science. With a background in editorial work and marketing, she brings her experience as Associate Editor at Go Overseas, a Berkeley-based company on programs abroad, to the team at Research IT. She is excited to get involved with the research community on campus over the summer.

Harrison Kuo (Coding/Database) is a senior studying Electrical Engineering & Computer Science (EECS) and Materials Science. As part of the staff at the Open Computing Facility (OCF) at UC Berkeley, he is interested in High Performance Computing and working on projects related to the Savio cluster. A Washington native, he hopes to return to his home state and work at a software company after he graduates.

Sahil Hasan (Coding/Database) is a junior in EECS. He works alongside Harrison in the OCF as general manager and, like his fellow database intern, is also interested in High Performance Computing. As he may graduate a year early, he is considering entering the consulting field in the future and is looking forward to consulting with researchers at Research IT this summer.