VIRTUAL-- UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 030: Berkeley Startups and the Cloud

December 5, 2021


This month's meetup focuses on Cloud Meetup partner Berkeley SkyDeck and explores why startups are important to Berkeley, how startups should think about selecting their cloud based tech stacks, and features a lightning talk from Mithril, a current cohort company from Berkeley SkyDeck, on how they enable secure AI on Azure.

Everyone is welcome - this is a really inclusive group! You don't have to be an expert, or already know about cloud technologies; we get together so people can learn from each other.


1:00PM Welcome / announcements / poll (10 min) Host: Amy Neeser

1:10PM Why are startups so important for UC Berkeley? Caroline Winnett, Executive Director, UC Berkeley SkyDeck Accelerator (10 min) Caroline has transformed Berkeley SkyDeck into one of the top startup accelerators in the world and will speak about her experience at SkyDeck and the important role entrepreneurs and SkyDeck play for UC Berkeley.

1:20PM Fireside Chat w/ Puppet CTO Abby Kearns and UC Berkeley CTO Bill Allison: How should startups balance the tactical and strategic when choosing the technology building blocks that will enable their vision and meet the challenges of rapid growth. They will have an interactive conversation about people, culture change and nerdy technologies as they delve into the rationales for tech stack selection and infrastructure management and explore broader lessons from startups to large enterprises.

1:45PM Startup Lightning Talk: Mithril Security ( Founders Daniel Huynh & Raphael Millet will share how Mithril uses cryptography to enable a secure inference server for AI models to protects people's security and privacy.

2:00PM "Doors" close