VIRTUAL-- UC Berkeley Cloud Meetup 028: Secure Research Data + Compute

September 29, 2021


No researcher wants to wake up to a headline screaming that their research has leaked human subject data onto the Darkweb. But it's not always clear to people how to protect their key research data, and there is much pressing work to do beyond security. Ever since privacy and protection of computational data has emerged as a significant service area of focus in research computing this has been a pain point.

At UC Berkeley, we’ve developed a secure service targeted to serve those working with sensitive information across the breadth of the research community — from Social Welfare to Genomics, from Public Health to Political Science. At the September meetup you will hear from researchers themselves. This talk highlights the journey from concept to service launch, through their eyes, with a primary focus on their experiences using the new Secure Research Data and Compute service.

Speakers: Dr. Jennet Arcara (School of Social Welfare), Jason Christopher (Research IT), Dr. Chris Hoffman (Research IT), Liza Lutzker (School of Public Health), Joleen Locanas (Research IT and Information Services & Technology)


Welcome / announcements (5 min)

Dr. Chris Hoffman: Introduction / context (5 min)

Jason Christopher: Service overview + connection to Cloud (5 min)

Joleen Locanas: Overview of SRDC research (5-10 min)

Researcher(s) talking about their research and how they are using SRDC (30 min)

Jennet Arcara, PhD, MPH, MPP
Postdoctoral Researcher
Sexual Health and Reproductive Equity (SHARE) Program
UC Berkeley, School of Social Welfare

Liza Lutzker, MPH
Research Data Analyst
EHS MPH Coordinator & Internship Field Consultant
Environmental Health Sciences (EHS)
UC Berkeley, School of Public Health

Discussion (5 min)