Towards a Litter-Free Metaverse!

April 10, 2022

Want to know more about the latest updates on the Metaverse? Here is a little review and comment of it by Chris Hoffman!

"I recently attended an excellent conference, GatherVerse 2022. The focus of the GatherVerse community is on designing and nurturing a human-first metaverse, an intentional effort to inject ethical design and governance principles into this emerging technology space so that the metaverse is available to all and so that participants, developers, and companies are thinking about the potential harm that can come from their metaverses. The connections to the ethics theme in UC Berkeley’s XR Community of Practice are clear. As we know, technologies are not neutral. They have culturally shaped social constructs and practices that have complex and often unexpected or unanticipated consequences at the level of the individual as well as globally. Of particular interest to me, there was significant discussion at GatherVerse about the role of education in the complex evolution of XR technologies: Numerous speakers emphasized that higher education practitioners need to take a proactive human-first stance while others warned us about the potential for uneven access to content and experiences within higher education."