Savio tips and tricks: making the most of the Slurm scheduler and of installing/using software in Mamba/Conda environments

April 1, 2024

Thursday, April 18, 2024


Location: In Person at 117 Dwinelle Hall (Academic Innovation Studio) and Zoom

Registration is required. 

Hybrid format via Zoom or in-person at the Academic Innovation Studio in Dwinelle Hall. This intermediate-level training will discuss two topics in depth. First, we’ll discuss how the Slurm scheduler works and how to use it effectively to get your jobs to run as quickly as possible, including jobs that use parallelized code and jobs that use GPUs. 

We’ll discuss the use of Conda (and Mamba) to install software (including, but not limited to, Python packages) in a reproducible and isolated fashion. For both topics we’ll cover a variety of tips and tricks that will help you better use Savio and similar HPC systems.

The training will be offered both in-person and virtually. Snacks/drinks will be available afterwards for those attending in-person, and attendees will be able to talk with Savio user consultants in person afterwards.