Managing Research Data Using REDCap

September 16, 2022
Date/Time: October 25, 3-4pm
Instructors: Wan Nurul Naszeerah, Noah Baker
Need a platform for secure data collection? REDCap — short for Research Electronic Data Capture — is a secure web-based application to support online and offline data collection for research studies and operations across a variety of disciplines. REDCap at Berkeley is a campus-subsidized service available to all UC Berkeley researchers (e.g., faculty members, post-doc fellows, doctoral students, undergraduates) at no cost. During this workshop, you will: 1) understand when and why to use REDCap, 2) see examples of other researchers’ use of REDCap, 3) learn more about REDCap features, and 4) have an opportunity to try out REDCap yourself.
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