Introducing the New Research IT Website

August 16, 2021

Research IT is very excited to announce the launch of the new Research IT website. The site is now hosted on Open Berkeley to match other campus websites and comes with enhanced security and accessibility features as well as Berkeley branding.  

One of our primary guiding principles in designing this site was to feature humans over technology. Check out the About Us page to view our staff and learn about their areas of expertise. We have added quite a few ways to connect with us, including news articles, social media, and a collection of our publications (more to be added soon!) in the California Digital Library’seScholarship collectionWe have also moved our Status and Service updates to the homepage, offering users more visibility into our services.

Another goal for the new website was to function like a brochure, giving users a clear, high level overview of our services while more in-depth technical

information is available on our documentation site, launched in 2020. Special thanks to Tiffany Vo for her design and user experience expertise as well as to Amy Neeser and Erin Foster for designing the information architecture and developing content in partnership with the Research IT staff.