Deb McCaffrey joins BRC as a domain consultant

February 8, 2017

Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) is pleased to announce that Dr. Deb McCaffrey is now available to assist campus researchers, as BRCs latest domain consultant.

Domain consultants work primarily in their respective departments, while a part of their time is spent helping their peer researchers on campus to take advantage of BRC’s research computing services. Deb came into the domain consultant role having recently graduated from UC Berkeley with a PhD in Physical Chemistry, examining the behavior of ions at the graphene/water and oil/water interfaces, and is experienced in the use of MATLAB, Python, and Igor Pro.

Together with fellow domain consultants Chris Paciorek (from Statistics) and Kelly Rowland (from Nuclear Engineering), Deb can help UC Berkeley researchers connect projects to appropriate BRC-provided computing resources -- including high-performance computing and analytics environments on demand -- as well as to additional resources offered at national computational facilities, in the commercial cloud, and elsewhere. BRC consultants offer ongoing assistance and referrals in using any of these resources.

To talk with Deb, Chris, Kelly, or any of BRC’s other consultants about the computational needs of your research project, please write us at, and let’s begin the conversation!