Data Peer Consulting Services

February 10, 2020

Students in our data consulting network help make data science accessible across the broader campus community. Launched in Fall 2017, these services are provided as a collaboration between the Center for Connected Learning in UC Berkeley's Moffitt Library; D-LabResearch IT; and the Division of Data Science and Information. Starting in Fall 2019, this project has also been brought to you by the Student Tech Fund. Check out our website to meet the Peer Consultants and to find out when they're available for drop-in consultations. 

Are you a Berkeley student, staff member, or faculty looking for a little help with data science?

Data Peer Consulting can help!

Data Peer Consulting Services

  • Not sure how to use a Jupyter notebook?
  • Need to learn a little SQL or data visualization for a research project?
  • Need help with a data science module in one of your courses? 
  • And much more Data Sci related topics!