Using Software on Savio

This page provides links to introductory guides on the use of various software applications, on the Savio high performance computing cluster at the University of California, Berkeley.

  • Using Python on Savio
    An introduction to using Python, a programming language widely used in scientific computing, on Savio.
  • Using R on Savio
    An introduction to using R, a language and environment for statistical computing and graphics, on Savio.
  • Using MATLAB on Savio
    An introduction to using MATLAB, a matrix-based, technical computing language and environment for solving engineering and scientific problems, on Savio.
  • Using Singularity on Savio
    An introduction to using Singularity, a software tool that facilitates the movement of software applications and workflows between various computational environments, on Savio.
  • Using Hadoop and Spark on Savio
    An introduction and guides to using the Hadoop and Spark frameworks via auxiliary scripts on Savio.

Additional introductory guides for using C compilers and other software applications are in planning or development. If you have any interest in working on or testing one of these, or have suggestions for other such guides, please contact us via our Getting Help email address!

For information on which software applications are provided on the Savio cluster, and on installing your own, additional software on the cluster, please see Accessing and Installing Software.