FAQs on Cloud Computing Support

Frequently Anticipated Questions

  • When will cloud computing support become available? Cloud computing support is available today. The service which provides this support is scheduled to be formally announced to the UC Berkeley campus in August 2015.

  • What types of help can I get? See the Overview for a detailed list of the types of help available.

  • Who is eligible for cloud computing support? UC Berkeley faculty and other campus-affiliated researchers (e.g. research associates, adjuncts, postdocs, grad students, and research staff).

  • What does cloud computing support cost? Consulting is free of charge. (Availability of no-cost consulting time may be limited.)

  • What cloud platform(s) should I use? Cloud Computing Support consultants can help you determine if cloud computing is suited to your research computing requirements, as well as introduce you to the available options and assist in selecting a cloud platform(s). (Self-paced documentation for this and other common questions is planned to be added to this website over time.)

  • Can I assign a UC Berkeley hostname or IP address to a host in the cloud? It is possible to assign a hostname in the berkeley.edu domain to a cloud host. If you have a need to do so, please complete and submit an Off Site Hosting Request. It is not currently possible to assign an IP address within a UC Berkeley address range to a cloud host, however.

  • How should I describe BRC's Cloud Computing support in a grant proposal, or in faculty recruitment or retention letters? You can use this language: "UC Berkeley's Research IT consultants will advise on and support (faculty member) and their research team in identifying computational services appropriate to their research from one or more cloud service providers. They will also offer support in procuring and using cloud services, to the extent described at http://research-it.berkeley.edu/services/cloud-computing-support/overview-cloud-computing-support"

Get started!

We welcome Berkeley faculty, staff, postdocs, and grad students at all levels of expertise to schedule time with our consultants, even at the very earliest stages of your research, for any size computational requirements you may have. Our standard consulting services are free of charge.

Please email us at the following address, and include the following in your request: a brief description of your project, a concise overview of the software and data you're using, and a summary of what stage you are at in your research process.


You may also wish to familiarize yourself with an overview of what this consulting service provides.