Research IT Reading Group: Indirect cost rates on sponsored research at UC Berkeley

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Thursday, January 11, 2018 - 12:00pm to 1:00pm
Earl Warren Hall, room 200C

"Facilities and Administrative" rates are the negotiated rate at which UC Berkeley is reimbursed by funding agencies for the infrastructure the campus provides in support of funded research. The reimbursement rate is negotiated with the Federal government, and is assessed on Federal grants awarded to UC Berkeley researchers; awards from other funders are often assessed at a rate that is based on (if not exactly the same as) the negotiated rate for Federal awards.

Because this rate directly impacts the share of an award available to a research project's Principal Investigator(s) to fund staffing, equipment, and other direct costs of research, the way the rate is set is a matter of significant importance to the researchers served by Research IT and its partners.

Paula Milano, from the Office of the Chief Financial Officer, will present on and discuss the way the F&A rate is calculated, negotiated, and implemented. She will explain how an effective Facilities & Administration (F&A) program incentivizes actions that optimize F&A reimbursement while serving the campus's core mission: by linking our choices about space allocation and utilization, capital investments, administrative costs and the application of F&A rates to desirable F&A outcomes.

When: Thursday, 11 January from 12 - 1pm

Where: 200C Warren Hall, 2195 Hearst St

What: Indirect cost rates on sponsored research at UC Berkeley


Presenting: Paula Milano, Office of the CFO

Please review prior to the meeting:

Facilities and administrative rate calculation, negotiation and recovery at Berkeley

(slides, PDF)