Support for Instruction

If your class assignments are pushing students’ laptops to the limit, Berkeley Research Computing can provide a wide range of compute resources for assignments and class projects.

Examples include:

  • Running Matlab with parallel computations
  • Scaling up Python with JupyterHub on the Savio high-performance computing cluster
  • Running complex ArcGIS analyses on Virtual Windows desktops with lots of memory
  • Demonstrating use of Amazon Web Services (AWS) tools
  • Running molecular simulation software on Savio
  • Running Python or R for large, parallelized data analyses on Savio or in the cloud
  • Demonstrating reproducible workflows with XSEDE’s Jetstream shared cloud resource
  • Using Spark for big datasets on Savio or XSEDE

Berkeley Research Computing does not offer hosting for websites, apps, or web services, but hosting services are provide through the student-run Open Computing Facility. See their website for more information about web hosting and web application hosting.

For access to instructional compute resources, please fill out this form which includes the following information:

  • Course name and number
  • Your role in the course (e.g. instructor, GSI)
  • Information about the assignment(s) or project(s) that need compute resources
  • Date when you need access to the compute resources

We request at least 4 weeks’ lead time on instructional compute requests.

BRC staff are happy to meet with you and discuss which resources provided or facilitated by BRC best meet your needs. You can also find more information about the Instructional Computing Allowance program used to provide instructional access to the Savio cluster.