Faculty Computing Allowance

Download the Faculty Computing Allowance info packet.


What faculty get: Starting in May 2015, each Berkeley faculty member is eligible for an allowance of computational time on UC Berkeley’s high performance computing cluster, called “Savio.” This allowance currently provides up to 300,000 core-hours of computation per academic year.

What faculty pay: There are no costs to Berkeley faculty. Faculty members will simply submit an application to participate. Staff will then assist them with the steps needed to access Savio. (The process takes some time, so faculty with urgent needs should start the process as soon as possible.) 

How this can help with recruitment, retention, and grant proposals: This annual faculty allowance can be written into start-up and retention letters and can be used as institutional cost-share on grant proposals. 


Additional information is available on the Savio cluster, on using the Faculty Computing Allowance with Savio, and on how to get access to Savio