Note: Starting March 11, 2020, Research IT consultations are moving online during campus response to coronavirus. Consulting is an important part of Research IT's Berkeley Research Computing, Digital Humanities, Museum Informatics, and Research Data Management programs.

The Digital Humanities at Berkeley initiative is a multi-year partnership between the Dean of Arts and Humanities and campus partners including Research IT, focused on building capacity for digital humanities research and teaching and connecting a variety of campus institutions.

Research IT has partnered with the Library to develop Research Data Management (RDM) services for the UC Berkeley campus. The program addresses current and emerging data management issues, compliance with policy requirements imposed by funders and by the University, and reduction of risk associated with the challenges of data stewardship.

The Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) program supports research with a coordinated set of services across a range of computation and data analysis needs. BRC includes consulting that ensures faculty are matched to the appropriate resources, and that the computation and data resources meet their needs. The BRC program is sponsored by the CIO, the Vice Chancellor for Research, and the Chancellor.

The Informatics Services unit works with faculty, museum, academic and research communities to identify, develop and deliver cyberinfrastructure and informatics solutions to the campus. The goals of this unit are directly linked to the education, research and outreach missions of the university.