Love Data Week 2018: Data Stories & Visualization Panel

Doe Library, Room 190 (BIDS)


Researchers from around campus will discuss how data is being used in creative and compelling ways to tell stories. They will share their successes failures in dealing with complex data.  

  • Claudia von Vacano, Director of D-Lab, will discuss the use of crowd-sourcing and machine learning to develop scalable detection of hate speech within online forums.

  • Garret S. Christensen, BIDS and BITSS fellow, will discuss the challenges of obtaining and working with Department of Defense data obtained through a Freedom of Information Act request for the purpose of researching war deaths and military recruitment.

  • Orianna DeMasi, Graduate Student of Computer Science/BIDS Fellow, will share experiences working with human subjects data and issues surrounding security and privacy. 

  • Rita Lucarelli, Department of Near Eastern Studies, will discuss the Book of the Dead in 3D project which shows how photogrammetry can help the visualization and study of different sets of data within their own physical context.

Refreshments are provided by Research IT & UC Berkeley Library. 

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