Intro to the Savio cluster

Savio training, 2016-09-27, in the Academic Innovation Studio
Tuesday, September 18, 2018 - 3:40pm to 5:00pm
Academic Innovation Studio (Dwinelle 127)

New and prospective users of Savio and other Berkeley Research Computing high performance computing (HPC) clusters (Cortex and Vector) are invited to attend an introductory training session on September 18, 2018. Topics will include a system overview and a review of basic cluster usage, such as logging in, accessing software, running jobs, and transferring files. Please RSVP here.

Note that we recommend that you get a Savio account and set up your ability to login in advance of the training. This is not required but we expect you will get more out of the training if you can follow along.

To get a user account (if you have access to a Faculty Computing Allowance (FCA) or Savio Condo):

If you don't yet have access to an FCA but there is a faculty member (e.g., your advisor) who would allow you to use their FCA if it were created, please see here to get an FCA started:

Logging in: