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Spring 2017 Consulting Summit: April 20th

Consultee panel at October 2016 summit

The next Consulting Summit -- a partnership between the D-Lab, Educational Technology Services (ETS), the Library, and Research IT -- will be held on April 20th from 10 - 2:15 at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS), in 190 Doe Library.

Consulting Summit meetings to date have provided a valuable opportunity to build a community across organizational divides. By focusing on the Reimagining IT project and plan at this month's meeting, we'll be addressing budgetary pressures that are currently requiring all campus organizations to scrutinize both their independent work and their collaborations, to ensure we're providing strategic value to the university. 

Here's our agenda for the day:

April 20th from 10 - 2:15

  • 10:00 Welcome & introductions
  • 10:20 Overview of Reimagining IT plan and its relationship to Consulting Summit 
  • 10:30-12 Services in Support of Research, Teaching and Learning + Student Success
    • Group activity to respond to results of Reimagining IT Sprint 2 (see Core Services report)
      • Definition of core services
      • Principles for prioritizing services
    • Research, Teaching and Learning survey results
  • 12-1 Lunch & presentations from visualization and securing research data emerging trend working groups 
  • 1-2: Trusted Partner discussion
  • Discussion in break-out groups
    • What does it meant to be a trusted partner with other consultants?
    • What does it mean for your consultees to trust you? 
    • Brainstorm 3-5 ideas for building trust
  • 2-2:15: Wrap-up

UC Berkeley colleagues who provide consulting support for researchers and/or instructors are welcome! Please contact for registration information.