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UCB Research IT participates in 2016 Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment (MSDSE) Summit

Aaron Culich at Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment Summit

UC Berkeley’s Research IT group participated in the 2016 Moore-Sloan Data Science Environment (MSDSE) Summit, held in New York from October 23-26.

Hosted by NYU, this year’s summit was focused around “building community around data science for research.” The summit brought together members of the data science communities from the NYU Center for Data Science, University of Washington e-Science Institute, and Berkeley Institute for Data Science (BIDS) to build community, explore ideas, and encourage collaboration between the three institutions.

Research IT Architect Aaron Culich presented at the summit’s Reproducibility breakout session, demonstrating the integration of tools and platforms into workflows for reproducible research using software and data containers using Docker and Google Cloud Shell in cloud computing environments such as Google Cloud Platform. Aaron also demonstrated the ability to record workflows of terminal sessions as json-based screencasts using asciinema, capturing keystrokes for high-quality video screencasts using Screenflick to enable generation of content intended to meet Electronic Accessibility requirements for use in teaching and training.

Further exploration of these tools, platforms, and workflows will continue in Spring 2017 in the Research IT Cloud Working Group and BIDS Reproducibility Working Group.