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CollectionSpace 4.1 released

CollectionSpace screenshot

On November 13, 2014, version 4.1 of CollectionSpace was released. CollectionSpace is an open source, web-based museums collections management and information system, now a part of LYRASIS (for background, see CollectionSpace Tech Team Formed at LYRASIS). Five major UC Berkeley campus collections are now cataloged and managed using this system.

This version of CollectionSpace:

  • Includes two new procedures, Condition Check and Valuation Control, as additions to the rich set of business processes already supported by CollectionSpace.
  • Adds features for hosting multiple CollectionSpace systems in a Software as a Service (SaaS) configuration.
  • Provides an automated installer, which accelerates and simplifies installation.
  • Addresses a large number of bugs, many of which had long remained unresolved.

Version 4.1 is the first version of CollectionSpace released under the auspices of LYRASIS, CollectionSpace’s new organizational home. Through CollectionSpace’s first five years, Berkeley’s Research IT department played a lead role in the software’s design and development.

Many of the new features and bugfixes in version 4.1 were contributed by staff from Research IT, most substantially by Ray Lee.