Epidemiologists develop a computational tool to optimize study design


Professor Jennifer Ahern of the School of Public Health, and two staff researchers, Masters of Public Health (MPH) Ellie Matthay and Scott Zimmerman, are developing a software tool called the Study Simulator, a web-based simulation generator that will allow investigators to identify optimal study designs and methods of analysis for research inquiries in Public Health and Epidemiology.

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Singularity 1.0 released: containerized applications on HPC clusters

Singularity web site (screen shot), 20 April 2016

On April 14, 2016, the release of Singularity 1.0 was announced by Greg Kurtzer, Linux Cluster Architect for Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) Program’s Savio cluster and LBNL’s HPC group.

Singularity provides a way for researchers and others to package together the artifacts of their computational workflows - one or more Linux applications, with all their dependencies - and run them successfully in a variety of other environments.

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Digital humanities community members to attend cloud computing workshop

Cody Hennesy and Brendan Mackie will attend a DHSI course for Cloud Computing

To support humanities researchers who wish to take advantage of the cloud computing resources provided by the Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) program, two members of the Berkeley digital humanities community will be attending a summer workshop at the University of Victoria.

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Cloud Computing Working Group generates interest among faculty, students, staff

D-Lab cloud working group, Sept 2015

The D-Lab’s Cloud Computing Working Group, announced in a July news article on this site, has generated strong interest and participation among faculty, students, and IT support staff from many campus research domains. Participants are at a wide range of stages of incorporating cloud computing into research workflows.

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Research IT Town Hall: September 24, 2015

UPDATE: The article published following this event includes slide decks and links to videorecordings of the 9/24 Research IT Town Hall.

Campus faculty and researchers are invited to a Research IT Town Hall on Thursday, September 24th to find out more about several campus services available to the UC Berkeley research community: