Getting an Account

Obtaining Access to Savio | Getting Additional User Accounts | Accessing User Accounts | Closing User Accounts

The Savio cluster is open to all UC Berkeley researchers who need access to high performance computing. Multi-institutional research collaborations involving at least one UC Berkeley PI are also welcome.

Obtaining Access to Savio

There are two primary ways to obtain access to Savio for your project:

  • Requesting a block of no-cost computing time via a Faculty Computing Allowance. This option is currently offered to UC Berkeley faculty, who can then share their Allowance amongst their postdocs, grad students, staff researchers, and other campus research affiliates. For details, please see Faculty Computing Allowance.
  • Purchasing and contributing Condo nodes to the cluster. This option is open to any campus researcher, and provides ongoing, priority access to you and your research affiliates who are members of the Condo. For details, please see Condo Cluster Service.

If you are eligible for one (or both) of these options, you can request access by completing the Requirements Survey (aka Cluster Access Request) form. When making this request, you can also specify additional users, if any, for whom you'd like to have accounts created.

A unique name will be created for your project, and will be used to set up allocations and track usage.

If you'd like to further discuss either of these options in more detail, or explore yet more possibilities for meeting your computational needs, you're invited to contact us at

Getting Additional User Accounts

Anytime thereafter, UCB researchers who want to request new user accounts on the cluster, to be associated with an existing project, can submit the Additional User Account Request/Modification Form. PIs can also use the Request Form to submit account requests for non-UCB users associated with their project.

All user account requests require the approval of the PI for the relevant project on the cluster, and are added on a first come, first served basis.

Note: each first-time user will also need to complete a User Access Agreement Form. (For convenience, this access agreement form is linked from the user account request form, above.)

Accessing User Accounts

Please see the Logging In page for details regarding access to BRC user accounts. For security reasons, all access is via One-Time Passwords (OTPs), to reduce the risk of a compromise from stolen user credentials.

Closing User Accounts

The PI for the project is ultimately responsible for notifying Berkeley Research Computing when user accounts should be closed, and to specify the disposition of a user's software, files and data.

Users accounts are not automatically deactivated upon termination of an employee because many people change their employment status, but remain engaged with a research project.

As well, in some cases users share software and data from their home directory, and others may depend on these. For these reasons, account terminations have to be requested by the PI, the main account, or the user of the account.