Iwesenmin face - photogrammetry of Egyptian sarcophagusBerkeley Research Computing is developing resources to support photogrammetry using Photoscan. For resource-intensive jobs, researchers can use a Jupyter notebook (which juxtaposes instructions and executable code that you can run on the Savio high-performance computing cluster) to significantly speed up the generation of the dense point cloud, or any other step in the Photoscan process. For occasional remote access to Photoscan, we are working on offering Photoscan on an AEoD virtual research desktop.

To become a test user of either of these systems, please fill out this form and a Berkeley Research Computing consultant will be in touch to talk about how you can get access to the resources that best support your work.

Image: Iwesenmin, rendered on the Savio cluster. Courtesy of Prof. Rita Lucarelli.