BRC User Advisory Group

The Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) program established a User Advisory Group (UAG) to ensure that program staff have insight and feedback from faculty and research support staff when making policy and investment decisions for the program. We invited faculty from a range of disciplines with different computing needs, as well as technology experts in related areas. The UAG provides an advisory role to BRC program leadership, as described in the charter available here.

Current UAG Membership

Name Domain
Eliot Quataert (Chair) Astrophysics
Alan Hubbard BioStatistics
Carl Boettiger ESPM
David Bamman I School
David Culler Division of Data Science
Donna Hendrix CGRL
Eric Neuscamman Chemistry
Erik Latrope IST/TC (Networking)
Fernando Perez LBNL/BIDS
Gary Jung (BRC HPC Services Lead) Research IT, LBNL
Jack Gallant Department of Psychology
James Demmel EECS
Jenn Stringer Research, Teaching, and Learning
Jon Stiles Social Science D-Lab
Larry Conrad CIO
Patrick Schmitz (BRC Program Director) Research IT
Rachel Slaybaugh Nuclear Engineering
Ryan Lovett Statistics
Shane Canon NERSC
Solomon Hsiang GSPP, ARE
Tarek Zohdi Mechanical Engineering
Zane Cooper Haas