Global Scratch Storage

The purpose of this document is to provide guidelines for using the global scratch storage space connected to the Berkeley Research Computing supercluster.

Every user has a scratch space located at /global/scratch/<username>. There are no limits on the use of the scratch space, though it is an 885 TB resource shared among all users.

Files stored in this space are not backed up; the recommended use cases for scratch storage are:

BRC cluster emergency maintenance TOMORROW, 11/3

We just learned that the power equipment vendor is available as soon as tomorrow, Nov 3rd to perform the replacements. To reduce the possibility of more unplanned outages we are preponing the emergency maintenance scheduled for next week to tomorrow, Friday, Nov 3rd.

All BRC HPC cluster resources including Cortex, Savio and Vector will be taken offline starting at 7:00 am and brought back online by 3:00 pm.