New Museums and Collections portal featured on UC Berkeley web site

Visitors to UC Berkeley's website will find a new portal to museums and collections under the Research section (click the "Museums & collections" link).

This visually engaging page attests to the importance of UC Berkeley's museums and collections as a vital gateway to the university.  The museums and collections portal also includes a link to a more comprehensive list maintained by Research IT.

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BRC Consulting helps to facilitate Connected Corridors in the Cloud

In February 2015, a post to Micronet, a UC Berkeley mailing list for campus IT professionals, led to a BRC Consulting engagement with The Institute of Transportation Studies’ Connected Corridors program. Greg Merritt, a lead developer on Connected Corridors, engaged Aaron Culich of Research IT to help wrangle serious threats to the program’s progress posed by increasing computing requirements, aging high-maintenance hardware, staff turnover, and constrained funding.

Retiring the Museum Informatics and Interactive University projects

Though Research IT is heavily focused on the design and delivery of new services to support current research on the Berkeley campus, Research IT team members worked hard in 2014-15 to retire a number of systems and projects that once defined the cutting edge of information technology in scholarship. While the retirement of the Research Hub is perhaps the most well known effort, here we describe the effort required to retire two major projects other than Research Hub, and reflect on the lessons learned from them.

The Museum Informatics Project

DH at Berkeley Awards Grants for Collaborative Research and New Courses

Digital Humanities at Berkeley, a partnership between the Division of Arts & Humanities and Research IT, is pleased to announce grant awards for collaborative research projects and new courses.  Projects range from d3 visualizations of archaeological diagrams to gesture-based music improvisation tools. Courses will challenge students to engage critically with the digital resources that surround them, such as Near Eastern studies databases and digital representations of liberation movements of the 1950s-70s.

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Researchers and staff tackle cloud computing challenges in new D-Lab working group

cloud computing icon, courtesy of Wikimedia Commons (

The D-Lab has announced the formation of a new Cloud Computing Working Group starting in Fall 2015, in collaboration with the Berkeley Research Computing (BRC) program, to bring researchers and staff together to tackle the challenges of computing in the cloud. The bi-weekly sessions will be hosted in the D-Lab’s collaborative learning space

Welcoming Jamie Wittenberg

Jamie Wittenberg

Research IT and the Library welcome Jamie Wittenberg to UC Berkeley and to their joint Research Data Management program team. Jamie recently completed her Master of Science in Library and Information Science at the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign. As the  Service Design Analyst in the RDM program, Jamie will play a pivotal role in all aspects of the campus-wide initiative whose goal is to design, develop and deliver a comprehensive suite of services that help researchers manage, protect and share their data.  

Farewell and thanks to Glen Jackson

Glen Jackson shuts down the last server he administered for the Museum Informatics Project.

At the end of June, Research IT said farewell and best of luck to Glen Jackson, our colleague who retired after more than 20 years of service to UC Berkeley. Glen was the last remaining original team member of the Museum Informatics Project, an initiative that set out in the early 1990's to develop a world-class facility and team to support museum informatics solutions for the UC Berkeley campus and beyond.