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Documentation helps researchers use R and MATLAB on Savio

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Two new documents on using R and MATLAB on Savio, the campus’s High Performance Computing (HPC) cluster, are now available on the Research IT website. 

R, a popular open source statistics environment, and MATLAB, a language and environment from MathWorks® for solving engineering and scientific problems, are among the most widely used applications by researchers on the cluster. The new documentation, Using R on Savio and Using MATLAB on Savio, is aimed at helping researchers become more quickly productive when using these applications on Savio. Each addresses a set of “up and running” topics, such as how to run jobs in batch and interactive modes, how to do parallel computation, how to interact with the cluster’s Graphics Processing Units (GPUs), and much more.

Other Savio-related documentation has also been added or enhanced in recent months. To spotlight one example, the Running Your Jobs document now includes an updated set of annotated job script files for submitting jobs to the cluster’s SLURM scheduler. These provide boilerplate examples that you can adapt when submitting your own computational jobs, and include examples for multi-core jobs, jobs running code that uses the Open MPI library and/or the OpenMP application programming interface, and jobs using GPUs.

We invite your ongoing feedback on these new and updated documents, and on all Savio documentation on the Research IT website. Please feel free to contact us with your comments and suggestions!