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BRC domain consultants: Chris Paciorek and Kelly Rowland

Chris Paciorek (l) and Kelly Rowland (r), BRC Domain Consultants

Looking for someone on campus to talk with about your research computing needs, who has a background in statistical consulting or programming? Chris Paciorek and Kelly Rowland are among the newest BRC consultants available to work with you.

Chris and Kelly are “domain consultants”: they work primarily in their respective individual departments, while a part of their time is spent assisting researchers elsewhere on the campus who have an interest in, or are working with, BRC’s service offerings, including high-performance computing and cloud computing support.

Chris is a statistical computing consultant, associate research statistician, and lecturer in the Department of Statistics. His research focuses on statistical (often Bayesian) methods applied to environmental and public health problems, including climate science, ecology, and global health. Kelly is a graduate student in the Department of Nuclear Engineering, studying numerical methods for neutron transport with an emphasis on supercomputing. 

To talk with Chris, Kelly, or any of BRC’s other consultants about the computational needs of your research project, please write us at, and let’s begin the conversation!