Berkeley Prosopography Services and the Tebtunis Papyri

BPS Matrix seminar 2015

Berkeley Prosopography Services, a tool for historical social network analysis originally developed for use with an Uruk text corpus from the Hellenistic period (331-46 BCE), is currently in the process of being generalized for use with a variety of corpora.

Project co-directors and DH Fellows Laurie Pearce, Lecturer in Near Eastern Studies, and Niek Veldhuis, Professor in Near Eastern Studies, and technical lead, Patrick Schmitz, Associate Director of Research IT are taking a variety of approaches to developing a robust, reusable tool. With the support of an NEH Digital Humanities Implementation Grant and a Social Science Matrix research seminar grant, the team has gathered scholars and software developers from a variety of relevant projects to discuss issues like disambiguation rules, chronology, and software integration. Participants have been drawn from groups such as the Center for the Tebtunis Papyri, the SNAC Project, the Perseids Project, Trismegistos, the Coptic Scriptorium, and the Old Assyrian Social Network 1950-1750 BCE.

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