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CollectionSpace mini-grants available to museums

Collection Space grant opportunities (screenshot)

Thinking of adopting a collections management system for your museum or heritage institution, but the up-front cost is a barrier? One option might be a CollectionSpace mini-grant.

A growing number of museums and heritage institutions are adopting CollectionSpace – a free, web-based collections management system – to catalog and manage their collections. (Among these, five museum collections at UC Berkeley are now managed using this software.) However, implementation costs can be a barrier to adoption, particularly for smaller institutions. Mini-grants are a way of helping to overcome that obstacle.

CollectionSpace is offering mini-grants of up to $7,500 to individual institutions and $25,000 to collaborating institutions, for activities that advance adoption of the software. Data migration, customization for local needs, hosting setup, and building professional capabilities for installation, as well as developing tools to connect CollectionSpace to other systems, are examples of activities that may be eligible for funding.

All funded projects must be completed by June 1, 2016, and other requirements apply. For more information, please see the Grant Opportunities summary and the Grant FAQ.