Research IT Staff Present Posters at BIDS Data Science Faire

2015 BIDS Data Science Faire

On May 5th, several members of Research IT participated in the Spring 2015 Data Science Faire at the Berkeley Institute for Data Science.  Aaron Culich presented updates on the Berkeley Research Computing program and invited researchers to explore cloud and HPC options available to them.  John Lowe highlighted CollectionSpace deployments and encouraged researchers to utilize collection APIs and build new applications for interacting with museum data.  Chris Hoffman presented goals for the Research Data Management partnership between Research IT and the Library and solicited researchers’ feedback. Quinn Dombrowski reported the results of Research IT’s recent campus Consulting Summit and discussed follow-up initiatives.  Camille Villa introduced current and upcoming opportunities at the Digital Humanities at Berkeley initiative.  Patrick Schmitz presented Berkeley Prosopography Services, an NEH-funded tool for historical social network developed with scholars at the Near Eastern Studies Department.

All posters presented by Research IT at the Data Science Faire are available here.