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Research IT provides research computing technologies, consulting, and community for the Berkeley campus. Our fundamental goal is to help campus faculty and students with their research by providing the best IT tools as inexpensively as possible. Research IT offers three core services to the campus. We provide research information technologies such as high performance computing (HPC), research data management, research application development, and data analysis tools. We offer consulting that ranges from grant proposal development, to data management plans, to strategic planning for campus services. Finally, Research IT works with campus centers, colleges, and other units to build collaborative communities of researchers and IT professionals. In short, Research IT’s mission is to be a trusted partner to the campus research community. Research IT is a unit of UC Berkeley’s CIO’s Office. Research IT works in close partnership with the Vice Chancellor for Research Office and other campus technology services units such as the Library and Educational Technology Services.

Org chart

The Research Information Technology unit is headed by David Greenbaum, who reports to the CIO. Patrick Schmitz heads the Architecture and Development group; Chris Hoffman heads the Informatics Services group.

Research IT Org Chart, 15 May 2017

Staff contact info

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Jason Christopher (contact) (profile)
Aaron Culich (contact) (profile)
Quinn Dombrowski (contact) (profile)
David Greenbaum (contact)
Tin Ho
Chris Hoffman (contact)
Rick Jaffe (contact)
Gary Jung (contact) (profile)
Ray Lee (contact)
John Lowe (contact)
Maurice Manning (contact) (profile)
Steve Masover (contact) (profile)
Krishna Muriki (contact)
Yong Qin (contact)
Patrick Schmitz (contact) (profile)
Lam Voong (contact)
John White (contact)
Amy Wieliczka (contact)

Not sure who you want to reach? Try Research IT's contact form on this site.